Sleepy Kneez® is a small pillow that aligns your hips and cushions your knees without the excess bulk, and attaches to your leg to keep it in place all night. The firm pillow comes with an adjustable stretchy band designed for maximum comfort. Sleepy Kneez can also be fitted with our customized HOT/COLD gel pack insert.

A knee pillow works to help relieve pressure in the hips and lower back and is a helpful tool for anyone who wants extra support for the spine.

Sleepy Kneez improves knee comfort, and eliminates pressure on the lower back and hips restoring natural alignment.

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I Don't Understand Body Pillows

Posted by Carson Shopify on May 26, 2017. 0 Comments

I have tried to sleep with a body pillow. When I turned over during the night, it felt like I was taking another person with me. Nobody should remain in the same position all night, according to experts. So how do you change positions when you have to lug this enormous pillow with you? For pregnant women, who are advised that the safest sleep position is on their side, and already have a belly to deal with, how can this be comfortable? Sleepy Kneez, is small, comfy, and stays in place all night. Wouldn't that be a better option?
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Fake News: I just watched 60 Minutes

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on March 26, 2017. 0 Comments

I just finished watching 60 Minutes about "Fake News" and "Bots". I found it disturbing for 2 reasons. As a consumer, I felt like a sitting duck for products I have purchased, (Yes, I have been taken in a couple of times) because so many people were interested in these products.

As a business person, I felt cheated! I spend so many hours a day, following social media, trying to get out the word, about my knee pillow. I knew nothing about bots, and I   have worked hard for every follower, providing information to them, explaining why it is so important to use a knee pillow, if you are a side sleeper. I know how it has changed my life, using my Sleepy Kneez pillow, no longer woken up several times each night, with painful knees pressing into each other. Waking up each morning with no back pain. How...

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Does Your Bed Partner's Snoring Keep You Up?

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on December 28, 2016. 0 Comments

My husband snores. When it wakes me, I usually give him a push, and he turns onto his side. Actually, the bulk of the literature tells us that snoring is related to sleeping on the back. There are a number of ways to keep your partner off their back. You could sew a tennis ball into the back of their sleep garment to keep them off their back. If they sleep naked (lucky you!), you can place a large firm pillow behind their back, when they are on their side, that will make it less comfortable to sleep on their back. 

Forcing your partner to sleep on their side makes it necessary for them to use a knee pillow to align their hips, preventing back and hip pressure. It will also cushion their knees. Doesn't buying them one in exchange for better nights sleep, sound like a fair compromise? 

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Back Care - Posture Pointers

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on December 07, 2016. 0 Comments

You may not be able to prevent every episode of back pain, but being mindful about how you move your body helps to keep your spine strong and stable. Poor posture makes your muscles and ligaments struggle to keep you balanced-which can lead to fatigue, back pain, headaches and other problems.

Follow these tips and your back will thank you.



Sit up straight
Keep your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest
Hips should be even or slightly higher than your knees
Place a small pillow or folded towel at the curve of your lower back, if needed
Adjust your chair height so that your eyes are near the top of your monitor


Sit for more than 60 minutes
*Tip: stretch every 30-60 minutes.



Keep your ears, shoulders, hips, and ankles in line with each other
Relax your shoulders
Put your weight on the middle of your feet, not on your toes or heels, and shift from one...

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Good Sleeping Posture Helps Your Back

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on November 03, 2016. 0 Comments

Most everyone knows that good posture is important, but good posture doesn't apply just to sitting and standing. The muscles and ligaments of your back relax and heal themselves while you sleep. In order to protect your back, good posture is important while sleeping.

Here are some tips to help you sleep better:

Choosing a mattress
Little scientific research exists on which mattress is best for back pain or for maintaining a healthy back. The mattress that's right for you lets you wake up feeling rested and free of pain or soreness. Unless you have a condition that may require a certain type of mattress, you should choose a mattress that provides support for the natural curves of your spine and is comfortable.

Man sleeping in bed
If you sleep with a partner, you should have enough space to move into a comfortable sleeping position. Consider replacing your mattress every 9 to 10 years. If...
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The Two Most Important Things for a Knee Pillow

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on September 23, 2016. 0 Comments

Being a side sleeper, I have tried many different types of knee pillows to correct my sleep posture. I have discovered that the most important attribute for a knee pillow, besides aligning your hips, is that it be very comfortable, It is hard enough to fall asleep with out feeling a block of foam, like a knee separator, between your knees. That's enough to give you a sleepless night! A knee pillow should be so comfy that you barely notice it's there, if at all.

The second most important feature, is that it stay in place all night. People move while asleep. They change sides, and sometimes even sleep, for a time, on their backs. A knee pillow is useless if it doesn't stay between your knees.

My tips for a great night's sleep

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Benefits of sleeping with pillow between the legs

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on August 15, 2016. 0 Comments

Posted on 18.04.2015 | Added in Health and Fitness, Sleep

Rest and sleep are one of the most essential needs of the body. One goes through postural, physical and mental stress daily due to body movements and work pressure. So, it is very important that we sleep in a proper position. During rest, the muscles and ligaments of the body heal the wear and tear caused by various activities.

There are three curves in our spinal column we need to pay attention to, they are the lower back, middle of the back and the one close to the neck. The aim is to maintain these natural curves while sleeping.

The moment we curl up in bed, we adopt a preferred sleeping posture every day without much thought. However, it is necessary to realize that our sleeping positions and postures usually become the sole reason for our aches in various parts...
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Benefits of using a knee memory foam pillow

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on August 13, 2016. 0 Comments


A knee memory foam pillow is a type of pillow that is placed between the legs to help in raising specific body parts and give you a proper body alignment. Knee pillows that are made from memory foam can be used in easing body aches such as hip, back and knee pains. The pillow is placed between the legs or underneath your legs; the placement mainly depends on your sleeping position. When you place the pillow between your legs it will help to reduce the stress that is received by your legs and which leads to relieving your legs. Therefore when you are using the memory foam knee foam pillow it will help your body to have ultimate relaxation when you are sleeping. Read on to get to know more of the benefits that your body gets from using the knee memory foam pillows.

Knee memory foam pillows adjust to contour...

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The Question is Not WHETHER Side Sleepers Need a Pillow Between Their Knees

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on July 22, 2016. 0 Comments

Professionals in the healthcare industry all make it clear how important correct sleep position is for getting a good night's sleep, especially for side sleepers. Without a pillow between their knees, side sleepers' hips will not be properly aligned, leading to pressure in the back and hips. Stacking your legs without a cushion, can also lead to serious knee discomfort.

But, what is the best choice for the pillow between your knees? Comfort is the number one important factor when choosing a pillow, because if it is not comfortable, it will make it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. Overly large pillows are cumbersome, but equally, very small pillows may not be the proper design to adequately align your hips, and may get lost during the night, therefore offering no help whatsoever.

Sleepy Kneez has been developed to be the exact shape required to cushion the knees and correct...

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Getting A Great Night's Sleep Away From Home

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on July 09, 2016. 0 Comments

Many people complain that while away from home they do not sleep well. The mattress is not the same as at home, and the pillows are different. They can't seem to get comfortable. Since developing Sleepy Kneez, I sleep as well when I am away, because attaching my pillow to my leg, ensures that my hips are properly aligned, and my knees are cushioned. If my sleep position is correct, my body can relax as well no matter where I sleep. In fact, one of the reasons that I made this knee pillow smaller than most, is that I wanted to make sure that it would be small enough to fit into a carry-on bag, yet large enough to do its job. After 2 years of testing, I have come up with what I believe to be the optimal size for a knee pillow. Try Sleepy Kneez if you sleep...
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