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Eileen Pelletier's Story: Sleepy Kneez Pillow


I had to come up with a solution for my sore knees & back pain!

Eileen PelletierAlways sleeping on my side, I suffered from terrible knee pain during the night, from stacking my knees one on top of the other. I tried a big pillow between my knees, but it made it hard to turn over at night, waking me up. I tried a small pillow, but lost it during the night when I moved. Then, I started working on designing a pillow that was small yet firm enough to be comfortable and would stay in place all night long. After 2 years of development, enter Sleepy Kneez®, the knee pillow that is both comfortable and stays firmly between your knees all night.

To my surprise, not only was my nightly knee pain gone, but when I woke up in the morning, I no longer had trouble getting out of bed, suffering with back pain. I had assumed my daily back pain was due to aging. I never thought it could be related to the position I slept in.

Most side sleepers already know that they need a pillow between their knees to align their hips & cushion their knees, so they use a regular pillow. It's too big, makes it difficult to turn over, and can impact the knee cap in a negative way. Sleepy Kneez® has been designed to be exactly what they require, and nothing more. Small yet firm, it attaches to the leg. It does not flop around, does not disappear during the night when you move, and does not touch your knee cap. It does all that you hope your pillow would do, but better, because we have eliminated the excess, that adds nothing to keep your spine in a neutral position, nor is it necessary to cushioning your knees. So comfortable, you barely notice it's there.

If you sleep on your side, once you try my Sleepy Kneez® knee pillow, you will never be able to sleep without it. I even package it in a travel bag, so you needn't have a bad night's sleep again, even when you're away. Try it now and Sleep on your side comfortably and pain free!


I’ve told thousands of people to sleep on their side over the years, especially when there’s back pain, and to put a pillow between their legs. Sleepy Kneez® has improved on that time tested strategy in some really clever ways. It’s a small but dense pillow you attach to your leg, just above the knee, so it dramatically reduces twisting of the pelvis by keeping the knees closer to hip distance apart.

Plus, it’s lightweight and comfortable, so it also solves the size and density problem of using a regular pillow. Pillows are usually made of materials that compress like fiberfill, down or memory foam, the more weight you put on them, the more they compress. Since your leg and thigh weigh more than your head, regular pillows compress making it harder to support your upper leg unless the pillow is really big... which makes it harder to turn over and so gets kicked away.

For those with a knee problem it’s soft and comfortable, and the removable, washable case can hold a hot or cold pack.

Bottom Line: Sleepy Kneez® is an elegant and intelligent way to keep the knees separated and legs supported when you roll about at night improving (even preventing) back, hip, and knee pain.

Dr. Steven Weiniger, Posture Expert Author Stand Taller Live Longer