2019: The Year of the Knee Pillow

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on January 08, 2019. 0 Comments

There is no doubt that correct spinal alignment is important in preventing back pain. The mattress companies all stress that their product will improve your alignment, but, can this be true for side sleepers who make up almost 70% of the population? No, it can't. Side sleepers only rest one side of their body on the mattress at a time. A knee pillow is the ONLY thing that can align the side sleeper's spine effectively!
BackPain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. People are struggling to find solutions with treatments and drugs, & then sleep incorrectly, undoing any benefits from the treatments they have chosen for relief. Why? Because they are not properly addressing the cause of the pain, but only treating the symptoms. We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, so correcting our sleep posture is paramount to preventing pain. About nine out of ten adults experience back pain at some point in their life. A knee pillow could be the answer for many. Mattress companies should own up to the fact that they can not effectively correct side sleepers' alignment, & start offering a knee pillow to those that sleep on their side.
Let's work together to solve the back pain issue, that the CDC says is becoming an epidemic.

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