Sleepy Kneez® is a small pillow that aligns your hips and cushions your knees without the excess bulk, and attaches to your leg to keep it in place all night. The firm pillow comes with an adjustable stretchy band designed for maximum comfort. Sleepy Kneez can also be fitted with our customized HOT/COLD gel pack insert.

A knee pillow works to help relieve pressure in the hips and lower back and is a helpful tool for anyone who wants extra support for the spine.

Sleepy Kneez improves knee comfort, and eliminates pressure on the lower back and hips restoring natural alignment.

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How Important is Your Mattress?

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on July 30, 2017. 0 Comments

There is no question that the surface you sleep on is exceptionally important in achieving a good pain-free night. However, it is only half of the equation, especially for people who sleep on their side.

Side sleepers must improve their spinal alignment in order to prevent both hip and back pain. Only a pillow between your knees can accomplish this. It also relieves  the pressure between your knees.

This excellent article from Health and Fitness, further expands on the importance of a knee pillow between your knees:

We spend thousands of dollars on mattresses for our nightly comfort, and rightly so. However, your mattress alone can not do the job. Only Sleepy Kneez knee pillow remains in place all night, providing you with the extra part you need for a great night's sleep!

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