Help! My Teen isn’t Getting Enough Sleep!

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on November 04, 2017. 0 Comments

Why do so many adults look back on their teen years with nostalgia when in fact, it can be one of the most stressful times of their lives? Just think about it: your concentration and performance has to be in peak condition to make it into college, you are just breaking into the dating game, and you can barely drag yourself out of bed in the morning. Teens get a bad rap when it comes to staying in bed until late on weekends, but the truth is that they aren’t getting enough sleep as a whole, which could have serious consequences for their health and academic performance. Parents seeking to help kids out should do two things: limit their use of technology, and ensure they have their very own Sleep Kneez® patented pillow.

What a Difference a Pillow Makes

If you think the right mattress and pillow don’t matter, think again! A good mattress will decrease stress and help you avoid aches and pains, but sleeping position and the use of a Sleep Kneez® pillow is equally important, since it aligns the hips and cushions the knees without being too bulky, and attaches to the leg without moving all night. Teens are generally fit and in good shape, which is a good thing, but the downside is that they are less sensitive to the effect considerations such as a poor sleeping position can have on their health. Knee pillows relieve pressure in the hips and lower back, thus improving knee comfort and restoring natural alignment to the body. Teens who use one for the first time will feel a spring in their step and a vitality that they probably haven’t felt in years!

Why Do Teens Need Extra Help from the Sandman?

It is vital for young adults to get their nightly shuteye, since sleep is essential for various brain functions, including memory consolidation, cognition, and creativity. Young adulthood is a crucial time in life since so many important decisions are made at this stage, yet statistics indicate that the odds are heavily stacked against teens when it comes to sleep. Firstly, around one third of young people in industrial countries sleep less than eight hours a night. This leads to attention deficits and even increased risk taking. One recent study undertaken by scientists at the University of Zurich focusing on young adults found that “If… students slept only five hours a night for a week, they displayed clearly riskier behavior in comparison with a normal sleep duration of about eight hours.” 

Technology is another culprit - studies reveal that teens who spent five hours a day online are 50% more likely to not sleep enough, than peers who spent only one hour online every day. Smartphone use in particular has skyrocketed in a big way since 2009, and research shows that the light wavelengths phones and tablets emit, can interfere with the natural human sleep-wake rhythm. Scientists recommend limiting the use of these devices to two hours or less daily. 

Teens are at a crossroads in life when cognitive ability, concentration and low risk taking, are crucial for future success. To give kids a helping hand, make sure they have a good mattress and comfy Sleep Kneez® pillow and limit their use of technology to reasonable levels.

By Jane Sandwood

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