Do NOT buy a knee pillow with a hole in the middle

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on May 22, 2022. 0 Comments

Important for people that want to buy a knee pillow for back and knee pain !!!!!

Knee pillow manufacturers have added a hole in the middle so as not to infringe on my knee pillow Patents.

The problem: In order to support the hole in the middle, the pillow has to be both thicker and made of much firmer memory foam.

I went to the country this weekend. Thought I had left one of my knee pillows there. Alas, all I had was one of these pictured. The most uncomfortable thing I have ever slept with. Kept falling out of place all night. The pillow is too heavy to support the band that attaches it to your knee. Woke me up several times during the night! If you don’t buy a Sleepy Kneez knee is, save your money! Don’t go for the terrible imitation👎

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