Sleepy Kneez® is a small pillow that aligns your hips and cushions your knees without the excess bulk, and attaches to your leg to keep it in place all night. The firm pillow comes with an adjustable stretchy band designed for maximum comfort. Sleepy Kneez can also be fitted with our customized HOT/COLD gel pack insert.

A knee pillow works to help relieve pressure in the hips and lower back and is a helpful tool for anyone who wants extra support for the spine.

Sleepy Kneez improves knee comfort, and eliminates pressure on the lower back and hips restoring natural alignment.

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Back Pain and Posture

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on October 02, 2017. 0 Comments

Unless you are suffering from a specific disease, in most cases, your back pain is due to incorrect posture. Incorrect posture, whether standing, sitting, or sleeping, impacts the alignment of your spine, leading to back pain.

When our back hurts, we are willing do to or spend anything to relieve the pain. Many times, we overspend both time and money when looking for solution. Correcting our posture is not a hard fix, we just need to become aware of it, and take small steps to correct it. Stand taller, sit straighter, adjust our sleep position.

Adjusting our sleep posture is not hard to do. Side sleepers should use a knee pillow between their knees to correct their spinal alignment. Two musts for a knee pillow:

It must be comfortable, so it doesn't disturb your sleep, since sleep is essential to staying healthy.

It must stay in place all night, so your hips remain aligned even if you change positions while you sleep.

Sleepy Kneez is small, comfy, and stays in place, so why not start working on your back pain tonight?

Sleepy Kneez® Pillow : Total comfort for people who sleep on their side

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