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3 Important Sleeping Positions During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on January 16, 2016. 0 Comments

The first trimester of your pregnancy is exciting, curious and full of uneasiness. Heartburn and nausea become a part of the routine that affect your sleep pattern. There would be many questions in your mind about your sleep cycle, ideal sleeping position in first trimester , etc., during this time.

We bring to you some important information on sleep problems, importance of sleeping position during pregnancy first trimester and the ideal ways to have a good sleep.

Common Sleep Problems During the First Trimester:

The first trimester of pregnancy is probably the most intensive period, especially when it comes to getting much needed sleep. You will see the following signs soon enough that would hamper your beauty sleep in the coming days.

Thanks to the rising levels of progesterone, you will have sudden urges to nap and will be very sleepy throughout the day .
You may find it difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep.
You may need to rush to the bathroom frequently now that your urine output has increased.
Bouts of nausea and morning sickness will be very common.
Heartburn issues will stir up more frequently than ever before.
Importance Of Sleeping Position During Pregnancy First Trimester:

Finding the correct sleeping position is important during this period. Pregnancy changes the body in many ways, and sleeping in the wrong position could affect breathing and reduce the supply of blood and nutrients to your baby, not to mention causing other problems like heartburn and vomiting.

Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy First Trimester
1. SOS – Sleeping on Side:
‘SOS’ is the mantra to follow when it comes to following a sleeping position during the first trimester- sleeping on side. If you have been sleeping on your back or your front your entire life, now is the time to adapt some changes.

2. Sleep on the Left Side:
Sleeping on the side (particularly the left side) is ideal as the vena cava, which is concerned with maintaining the supply of blood is located on your right side.

3. Cushion Up:
Placing a pillow under your belly and behind your back can provide a good support when it comes to sleeping position during first trimester of pregnancy.

Worst Sleeping Positions During the First Trimester:
Sleeping on your front and back are the worst possible sleeping positions during the first trimester of your pregnancy period. If you still continue to sleep in either of these positions, remember that you could be compromising on your baby’s health. These positions cut off the blood supply to the baby and may also cause dizziness and nausea. What’s more, you can find it impossible to sleep in these position in the later stages of pregnancy, thanks to the growing baby bump. So it’s better to stick to the side position in the first trimester itself.

Tips to Sleep Comfortably in the First Trimester:
Sleeping on one side during the first trimester can be quite daunting, but can be sorted if proper measures are taken. Follow these simple steps to make sleeping on the side comfortable:

Don’t stick to sleeping on the bed always. Try getting some sleep on the couch or on an armchair; experiment and see what works for you.
Use pillows and cushions to your benefit. Place them in the appropriate position sideways to find comfort with sleeping.
Try deep breathing, yoga and meditation exercises to get your body into a calm and relaxed state. It helps you sleep better.
Avoid consuming spicy foods before bedtime as they can lead to heartburn.
Go to the bathroom before you get into bed. This way you won’t have to wake up again and again in the middle of the night.
Adequate sleep is as necessary as a healthy diet during pregnancy. Get used to the SOS position at the starting itself to gear up for the rest of your pregnancy.



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