Sleepy Kneez® is a small pillow that aligns your hips and cushions your knees without the excess bulk, and attaches to your leg to keep it in place all night. The firm pillow comes with an adjustable stretchy band designed for maximum comfort. Sleepy Kneez can also be fitted with our customized HOT/COLD gel pack insert.

A knee pillow works to help relieve pressure in the hips and lower back and is a helpful tool for anyone who wants extra support for the spine.

Sleepy Kneez improves knee comfort, and eliminates pressure on the lower back and hips restoring natural alignment.

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Why Can't I just Use a Regular Pillow between my Knees?

Posted by Eileen Pelletier on July 20, 2015. 0 Comments

Lower back pain? Sore knees? Most side sleepers already know that they need a pillow between their knees to align their hips & cushion their knees. They usually opt for a regular pillow, thinking it will do the job. While it does offer a bit of cushioning, it is far from the ideal solution. Why? It doesn't offer the required density where you need it the most, between the knees. Therefore, it won't necessarily keep your hips aligned, and prevent your top leg from pronating. A regular pillow's filling is not consistent, therefore, the protection between the knees might be minimal. Being too large for the job, it can negatively impact your kneecap. Further, how can you turn over during the night, without being woken up when your pillow catches on your sheets and blankets?

Isn't preventing lower back and knee pain, as well as a good night of sleep worth investing in a knee pillow?

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